Absence Arrangements

According to article 28 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, every child has a right to education. At Archway Academy we believe that regular attendance is essential in ensuring that learners make the most of their education.  Good attendance is also an important employability skill that learner will need when they move onto employment, apprenticeships or further education. To that end, we constantly strive to maintain a welcoming and supportive environment in Archway Academy to encourage attendance.

What is expected of learners at Archway Academy?

  • learners are expected to attend school on the days stipulated in their induction as long as they are fit and healthy enough to do so;
  • learners are expected to be punctual on arrival at school (9.00 a.m.) if a learner does not arrive by 9:15am the parent/guardian/carer will be informed.
  • learners are expected to return punctually from breaks;
  • learners are expected to be ready to learn, with the right personal protective equipment if they are working in a vocational area;
  • in the case of sickness learners should inform their parents/guardians/carers, who will in turn be expected to contact the school. (If learners decide to call the school themselves, the absence will not be authorised);
  • absence will be recorded as authorised or unauthorised according to the guidance in this document below;
  • learners may be asked to bring in proof of illness, sickness or other causes of absence;
  • learners are encouraged to inform a trusted adult if they are being bullied or if they feel uncomfortable for any other reason while they are in the school environment.


What is expected of parents/guardians/carers? 

Parents/guardians/carers should:

  • ensure their child attends daily (or on the days they are required to attend) and on time;
  • keep the school fully informed on all matters that might affect their child’s attendance;
  • telephone school on the first day of any absence to provide an explanation for the absence;
  • provide proof of medical appointments or illness (e.g. prescription or appointment card) or a letter confirming the reason for absence when the school requests proof of absence;
  • attend a meeting at the school to find a way of improving attendance if attendance becomes a problem;
  • make doctor’s and dental appointments for their children outside school hours wherever possible;
  • plan family holidays outside term time;
  • make a formal application to the Executive Managing Director – Jim Ryan for any term time leave of absence prior to proposed dates.

Procedures for dealing with absences

What Archway Academy will do:

  • the school will strive to maintain the premises in a good state of repair, fulfilling all the Health & Safety regulations, hence providing a safe and comfortable accommodation for learners while they are on site;
  • the Tutors will strive to make sure learners feel welcome and interact with them according to the school’s vision statement;
  • the school will ensure that all Tutors deliver a learning experience which is enjoyable and challenging enough to maintain the learners’ interest;
  • the school will promote respect amongst the learners through the curriculum and through the example set by members of staff;
  • when necessary the school will enforce its zero tolerance against bullying and harassment to ensure that learners feel safe;
  • the school will keep an attendance register and an admissions register. Every entry on the admissions and attendance registers will be preserved for 3 years;
  • learners will appear on both registers;
  • when a learner has been added to the admissions register (at a non-standard transition point) Archway Academy will notify the local authority within 5 days. The notification should include all the details contained in the admissions register;
  • the admissions register which will contain the following details of every learner in the school: name in full; gender; name and address of parent with whom they reside; an indication of that fact and an emergency telephone number. Day, month and year of birth. Day, month and year of admission or re-admission; name and address of school last attended. The information on the admissions register will be kept accurate. If a parent notifies the school that the learner will be living at another address the school will update the record. If a parent informs the school that a learner has been registered at a different school and will be attending a different school, the admissions register should be updated. All updates will be made in such a way that the original entry is still visible and the person making the change should write the reason for the amendment, the date on which the amendment was made, their name and position – on the electronic version of the register the review function and comment will be used;
  • the school will inform the local authority of any learner who is going to be deleted from the admission register under any of the grounds.