Work Placement


At Archway we aim to prepare our learners for life after college. A key part is to introduce them to the workplace where they can gain experiences and skills outside of the classroom.

We pride ourselves the right placement for every student depending on their individual aims, strengths and experiences. We prepare our students on not only the workplace and what to expect but also interviewing skills and questions.

We also believe it is vital for employers to benefit from the work experience programme. In exchange for their time and expertise we aim to provide a useful member of staff that will arrive with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

The work placement officer supports every employer with regular contact throughout the student’s placement and will continue to support both the employer and student throughout the programme.


Our aims are:

  • Offer our learners valuable experience with companies that they are interested in.
  • Build a positive, long term relationship with employers
  • Offer both learner’s and companies all the support they need.
  • Work together with learners and employers to start developing the next generation of Britain’s workforce.