Breathe 2025


Archway Academy is committed to improving the lives of young people. That is why we have pledged to the Smoke Free 2025 campaign. We will support all young people who wish to quit smoking through NHS services and also aim for a smoke free campus by 2025.

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Christmas Extravaganza


At Archway Academy we really got into the Christmas spirit with our event the Christmas Extravaganza. Parents and other guests attended the event where there were mince pies and biscuits made by the Hospitality students, Christmas displays and craft stalls with cards and decorations all hand made by the students. There was a raffle that everyone was involved in with the winner receiving a high quality bike and other prizes. It was a fantastic event where all the school and parents were involved and ended 2015 with a high.

Christmas Choir


Archway Academy conducted a Christmas Choir for patients at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital where the students sang traditional Christmas songs in hope to elevate the Christmas spirit around the hospital. In preparation for the event, the students attended choir practise every Tuesday where they improved their skills with our tutors Anh, Joseph and Samantha giving their expert knowledge and skills. The students showed dedication and enthusiasm by attending practise as well as creating Archway Christmas Choir booklets and Christmas cards

As a team the choir worked extremely well together and was able to build social skills as well as confidence. The choir enabled the students to perform as a group in front of new audiences, overcoming any anxiety or fears. During the events the student were informed of the current situations at the hospital by Archway mentor and hospital staff before conducting the choir. Our learners showed a high level of respect and maturity throughout the visit and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We anticipate for the learner to be part of the choir and get involved in upcoming events.

The Owl Experience


At Archway Academy we are committed to encouraging the students to try new and different experiences. In January 2016 for National Bird week we organised for Bob Marley to come Archway to do a workshop on the different Owls that they look after. The workshop consisted of a talk by Bob explaining all the information and facts about these beautiful birds. The students were able to see the birds in action flying and learning about how they are trained and looked after. There was also an opportunity to handle the birds which many of our students got involved with. This was a new experience for most of our students that they thoroughly enjoyed. The Owl experience helped the students to build confidence, learn and experience a fun activity.

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