Exam Information


  • Preparation is worked on from initial assessments score
  • Exams are based on the level the learner is working towards
  • Timetable is created for learners
  • A letter is sent to parents/guardians informing them of the exam.
  • On the day students will be briefed on the exam conditions and what is expected of them during an exam.
  • During the exam there will always be an invigilator and a staff member present to put your son/daughter at ease.
  • We are committed to making exams as stress free as possible.


Exams for Maths and English can be done at any time of the year. Do not worry about having to wait around until the summer to take a test that you feel you are ready for. We will base the exams that you take on your Initial Assessment scores and then try to help you build towards the next level.

We will make sure that you have plenty of warning about an exam by sending a letter home early. As long as staff and parents agree, an exam can be the only thing that you need to do that day. You can come in, take your exam and go. If you are on the Post 16 programme and are required to come in and take an exam on a Friday, we will give you the opportunity to book off the following Monday with your hours covered. We are keen for you to sit exams and take qualifications and want to make it as stress-free as possible. Do not worry about large exam halls with lots of students taking exams at the same time. Very often there will be no more than five or six people taking the exam at any one time, sometimes there are as few as one or two! Obviously exams need to be done properly and under full exam conditions (no chatting phones off and handed in…) but we will explain these to you in full on the day.

Your Entry Level exams are all paper based and the L1 and L2 exams are online, but we can order paper versions if you would prefer. As part of your preparation for exams we will give you past papers or online past exams to study so that you are prepared for the layout and format of the exam.

If there are any questions about exams within Archway, please feel free to speak to Jamie in Room 4.