How do we support our learners?

Archway Academy provides as much support as possible to make sure learners can get the best out of their time at Archway Academy.

Tutors: Every learner has a tutor that can give you advice of courses, set reachable targets and mentor you throughout your time at Archway.

School meals: Some learners are entitled to a school meal provided for by the school.

Additional support: Our specialist tutors are trained to help with any learning difficulties, physical disabilities, and will they support you every step of the way.

Travel cards: If you are aged 16-19 years you can apply for a 16-18 photo card that entitles you to a child’s priced bus fare.

Career progression: Our placement Officer and tutors will give you support and advice on gaining a positive progression that is right for you, whether it is an apprenticeship, work or further education.

Safety: We make sure that all staff are well trained and provide a safe working environment for our learners. We ensure all our learners feel safe at all times and have a good relationship with the safe guarding officers at Archway.

During a recent safeguarding survey a 100% of our learners said if they had a problem there is an adult at school they feel comfortable talking to.

What do we expect from our learners?

  • To arrive at school on time, ready to learn and bring any allocated protective clothing to wear in the vocational areas.
  • To be punctual for lessons including before and after the breaks.
  • To refrain from bringing any drugs or attending school under the influence of drugs.

Do Archway Academy reward good behaviour?

The points system is used to manage rewards. All learners are allocated 12 points which they should aim to maintain in order to be eligible to receive the rewards stated below.

  • Student of the month award is linked to good behavior and maintaining points.
  • Monthly rewards in the form of activities such as go-karting, ice skating and more which learners can only attend if they have maintained their points.
  • Good references for each learner who leaves archway academy is given a reference to use in their chosen career path

How do we promote prevention strategies?

  • British Values: We are committed to promoting British values within our school through workshops, lessons and projects.
  • Equality and diversity: We provide training for our staffs and we support equality and diversity through academic, design and our policies  this is developed within lessons for our learners
  • Prevent: We provide training for staff on prevent and have had workshops from West Midlands police to spot the warning signs and how to report incidents.

How do we monitor the progress of our learners?

Performance reviews are completed on a regular basis with clear communication channels between parents, carers and learners.